The mad mortician at my very own stall - photograph by Jacklyn Hyde

Waltz on the Wye – A Steampunk Adventure

I went on an adventure this weekend – my first time trying to sell my crazy creations to people in the flesh. Fortunately I chose somewhere rather splendid to start, as I not only sold quite a few pieces of jewellery, and a couple of sets of goggles, I also had an absolutely marvellous time at Waltz on the Wye!

Look, there I am at my little stall, displaying my wares to all and sundry. This was on the second day, so (as you can see) my stock had been somewhat distinctly decimated. This was kindly taken by my lovely neighbours at Jacklyn Hyde, who were very welcoming indeed, and who make marvellous leather goodies.

I simply must offer a very special thanks to Jackie & Trevor of Dragonswann Designs, who not only gave me lifts to and from our camp site (which was in England, while the festival was in Wales – just a mile apart. This greatly amused me) but also provided me with breakfast, very pleasant company, and my tablecloth for the weekend. They create a most splendid assortment of things, and I advise you to go take a look at their online shop. I like their lace goggles best.

I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the event, as my phone was mostly dead or struggling for battery thanks to the lack of plug sockets on the camp site (not really something I can rightful complain about). However, David Broadbent got some rather marvellous shots of the weekend, and all the very dapper folks who where there.

What I did do, however, was do a bit of sketching – and it was mighty good fun, reminding me that I must do it more often. I did one of Giles (on the Jacklyn Hyde stall) as a rat skeleton – which he promptly snapped up for a few English pounds. However, I did manage to keep hold of this one of a lovely lady who I didn’t catch the name of, but she did have rather a splendid custom made work apron that caught my eye. She was also rather pretty indeed, but that didn’t influence me in my choice of subjects, of course…

Creative Construct

Outside the markeplace, where I spent most of the weekend confined behind my stall, I’m told a splendid time was also had by all! There was a contraption exhibition in Chepstow Castle, and from what I’ve seen of the photographic evidence it looks like it was filled to the brim with incredible inventions. Maybe next year I shall have something of my own to put into it… There was also a variety of fun things to do, from nerf gun galleries to tea duelling (no, I don’t know what that entailed). The Ambling Band also were a source of great amusement, trundling about Chepstow in their bright pink grab – to the consternation and entertainment of the locals in equal parts.

The evenings were absolutely magnificent, too. On the Friday I was genuinely amazed, confounded and confuddled by the magical duo of Morgan and West, who I am determined to acquire for Cads & Bounders some time in the future. Musical entertainment followed, but I was in too much of a jumble to pay much heed to it, I’m afraid, and we headed back to the camp site fairly early.

On Saturday eve a spiffing time was had again, with a cabaret show to warm up the night, hosted by the inimitable Lily Belle, and featuring an array of jugglers, singers, burlesque and other such amusements. The night was polished off by a tremendous set fromPocketwatch (a splinter group of Clockwork Quartet, I understand), and a brilliant performance from the always entertaining Professor Elemental. He was, as ever, adored by all, and adorned by the goggles I made for him.

So – all rather splendiferous, really! I’m hoping it will be but the first of many adventures to events like this, as I have intentions of going to both the Cardiff Steampunk Market and in August.

I’ll leave you with one of the coolest sights of the weekend, as taken by Arfon Jones – a mobility scooter time machine.:

Creative Construct

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