Poly Steel Hearts

Poly Steel Hearts

A tattoo design of my very own version of the polyamory symbol. Yes, another one.

Two lovely polyamorous people had this design tattooed to mark their engagement. How cool is that!

3 thoughts on “Poly Steel Hearts

  1. Why would this be a symbol of polyamorous people? Polyamorous people are in the state of “loving” more than one person. If it were polyamory it should be multiple hearts…. The symbol is a great one for marriage and love. It is 2 hearts intertwined for all time by the symbol for eternity. True love is about choice – I chose you (only) and you chose me (only). Two hearts intertwined and promising each other love forever.

    • Well the symbol for poly people usually only has one heart intertwined with the infinity symbol, signifying the infinite nature of love as a resource (as opposed to the scarcity model popularised by mainstream culture).

      I simply took the existing symbol and added another, interlocking heart. Because aesthetics.

      Of course, it is simply a symbol. You can choose to have it mean whatever you want. One woman who had it tattooed said that to her the two hearts represented her husband and children. As with all art, your own interpretation is welcome.

      Though I don’t appreciate the quotes around “loving”. Do take your patronising attempts to invalidate my relationships elsewhere, please.

      Love is indeed a choice; but your statement works perfectly well without the brackets. Love does not need any mention of “only” to make it legitimate. And I am not unrealistic enough to imagine that love is something that will always last forever; given the fluid nature of emotions, and the simple fact that people change over time.

      A beautiful rose is no less a beautiful rose if it is in a bunch of roses. Similarly, rarity and exclusivity are not attributes necessary to make love real.

      Besides that- I choose to love who I want, how I want. My choice is mine alone, it has no effect on you and how you choose to love, and it makes myself and my partners very happy people. So do kindly fuck off, you patronising twat.

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