Pocket Watcher

Pocket Watcher

I can’t take full credit for this idea, I’m afraid. Miss Monster Mel‘s Pocket Krakens were the source of my inspiration, and I just couldn’t resist making my own little pocket watcher to keep the contents of my waistcoat safe… pain meds, matches, snuff, combs and lint brushes, usually. Valuable stuff.

I’m not putting this little baby (I call her Izzie) for sale, as she’s MINE! But if you want something similar I suggest you buy one of Mel’s Krakens, or, if you really must have something made by my grubby hands, drop me a message and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Oh, for those interested, Izzie is sculpted from standard epoxy two-part modelling resin, with a plastic demi-sphere with painted back for the eye. She’s painted with acrylic and finally given a coat or two of acrylic gloss varnish. Shiny.

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