Bobbu & Vicky selling finery at the Cardiff Steampunk Market

My Cardiff Steampunk Market Adventure

I have emerged from my rejuvenation chamber, had a slap-up dinner, and finally recovered enough to tell you about my adventure at the Cardiff Steampunk Market!

As you can see, I was accompanied by my gorgeous lab assistant, Vicky. She was wonderful company through the weekend, and made things much easier for me to run the stall and also occasionally go to the toilet. Or the bar. Or for a good long smoke. I was also helped along by my good friend Gabriel & his partner Lydia, who let myself and Vicky stay at their place for the weekend, and ferried us about in their four-wheeled, metallic transportation vehicle; I believe they called it a ‘car’. So big thanks to Vicky, Gabriel & Lydia for making my adventure possible! Good minions…

Both Saturday and Sunday proved to be exciting, entertaining and energetic gatherings of freaks, fanatics and one or two fantabulous phantasms! The crowd all seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was exceptionally fun meeting some really big fans of mine who got all excited over my work. Big thanks to those of you who showed up and supported all of us steampunk crafters with your passion and your pennies! Without you, the my TWO UDAS* would be seriously underfunded.

Stallholders and guests alike were serenaded throughout Saturday & Sunday by BB Blackdog and The Dark Design respectively – both of whom I have my eyes on for future occurrences of Cads & Bounders. Really interesting and varied music that brought that little extra fun to the atmosphere.

Of course, it was splendid to see some of my kindred steampunk creatives – such as my neighbours on the first day of trading!

Fellow stall-holders; Lily Belle, James Richardson-Brown & Manda Rin

Fellow Bristolians Lily Belle (burlesque performer & embroiderer), James Richardson-Brown (steampunk artisan extraordinaire & Victorian strongman) and his partner Manda Rin were charming company for the day – keeping spirits light and trying to steal away my gorgeous lab assistant for their own debauched purposes… I had to fight Lily off with my stick!

James also performed his wonderful strongman act, bending steel bars, breaking chains and handling a very large sledgehammer in an unlikely and dangerous manner. I must say, those feats of strength were enough to cross him off my list of potential nemeses – I don’t want an arch-enemy who can overpower me quite so easily!

Captain Harry Pursey & his gearpunk collection

Another very honourable mention goes to Captain Harry Pursey & his Purky Products, who was amongst my neighbours on the Sunday. The dapper chap kept the quality of filth and debauchery at its highest, even when I was too tired out to contribute! His cheeky grin there was captured by the fine and dandy David Broadbent; the marvellous photographer who was dashing about taking photographs of every element of the splendid spectacle. You can see an entire gallery documenting his weekend adventures at the market on his website.

Finally I offer a great big thank you to the wonderful Darkshines Steampunk, the delightful young lady who organised the entire event. A splendid job was done, and a fine time was had by all in that cosy corner of Cardiff.

Well, now that I am back on my feet I have a diminished stock to refill, along with a number of commissions to get to work on, and a clone army that need its gestation fluids refreshing! So I shall bid you all adieu for now, and leave you with one last photo from David, of me relaxing at my stall.

The Almighty Bobbu relaxing at his stall

*TWO UDAS – “Total World Oppression and Underwater Dwelling Assembly Scheme”

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    • Thanks very much – glad you enjoyed my deceased delights. I didn’t get a proper view of your performance, but my lab assistant tells me you were splendid.

    • Hi Amy, I didn’t run the market, so I could tell you when there may or may not be another one. I can’t even remember where it was, to be honest!

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