Everyone Jump In On The Chap Pile

Elemental, My Dear Professor

I had a jolly spiffing time seeing the fine Professor Elemental once again on Tuesday night, over at the Fleece here in Bristol. I was accompanied by my fine brother Cooper and delicious ladyfriend Vicky: the Professor was accompanied by the truly spiffing Sir Sydeian Strong, the splendid Ten Pound Suit Band, and apparently Tom Holder & The Railway Sleepers too – but we didn’t turn up in time to see them, so I shall not speak of them again.

We did arrive just in time to join the dear Professor for a pipe – and drop off his new goggles ready for him to trundle on stage in them! Look, you can see both the fine quality of the new goggles, and an example of the absurd strength of Sir Strong in this photograph of him proffering the Prof a piece of steel he had just bent into some sort of strange croissant…

Sir Sydeian Strong & Professor Elemental

Photograph by the fine Mr Badger Spry

Sandwiched between the muscle-bound chap and the Professor’s closing session of splendiferous rap like the liver of a burlesque dancer between the sides of a corset, was The Ten Pound Suit Band, who were jolly good indeed, I must say! I shall describe them as the cover-performing, bastard love children of Tom Waits, Hayseed Dixie, Gogol Bordello and a wheelie bin full of gypsies, and leave it at that. I highly recommend you check them out should you ever have the chance.

Of course, the dear Prof was marvellous – that surely goes without saying. And twas a pleasure to catch up with the old sausage, too. I picked up a copy of his new comic, which I also recommend you get your hands on. There were a few of the artists & writers about at the fleece too, and it sounds like there may be more of these charming publications to come soon! I was also handed an old pair of goggles I crafted for the old bean some time ago, which are in dire need of repair. I swear, he must stop leaving them around for Geoffrey to play with – they are simply not designed for apes!

All in all, a jolly fine time was had by all: and an excellent reminder that I must begin the plans for another Cads & Bounders some time soon…

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