Antler Headband I by Bobbu

Antler Headband I

Back due to popular demand – everything you need to turn yourself into fair game for hunters everywhere!

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2 thoughts on “Antler Headband I

  1. May I ask you how you attatch the antlers to the headband? And which material the headband is?
    And if you have any of these headbands with more enders?

    I’ve been considering to make my own with… well… 14 enders (Theyre kind of ridiculously huge, but so beautiful) and I’d like a bit more insight and tips- if possible at all. 8)

    • Hi Amy,

      The headbands are standard plastic headbands, which I drill holes in where I want the antlers to go. Then I drill holes in the antlers a mm or so smaller than the screws which I then put through the band and into the antlers. It’s pretty simple, but I wouldn’t recommend using the technique on anything larger than about 8 inches long – antlers are just too heavy once they get to that size.

      The best thing to do with larger antlers is actually to take a mold of them using silicone or plaster, and casting a plaster copy. That way you can reuse the antlers, and you have a copy of the antlers which is light enough to attach to a headband 🙂

      Hope that helps!

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