I Don’t Give Two Tugs of a Dead Dog’s Cock

I Don’t Give Two Tugs of a Dead Dog’s Cock

One of my side projects, ‘Get In The Fucking Sea‘, is about creative swearing and imagery. In addition to telling people to fuck the fuck off, my Creative Cussing stickers are here to help you do the same. Feel free to download and use as a way to respond to idiots on social networks.

Here’s #5 “I Don’t Give Two Tugs of a Dead Dog’s Cock”

Sometimes you need to take your inspiration from somewhere really powerful. In this case, Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis.

Available to buy prints from http://bobbu.deviantart.com/art/I-Don-t-Give-Two-Tugs-of-a-Dead-Dog-s-Cock-589716772

Shit off you rubbish bastard

Shit off, you rubbish bastard

Sometimes you just have to get out a little creative anger. Hence “Shit off, you rubbish bastard.” This is based upon a quote told to me third hand from someone swearing while inexperienced. Personally, I think it’s rather a lovely way of telling someone to rapidly move themselves to another vicinity.

Prints available on DeviantArt if you really like it – http://bobbu.deviantart.com/art/Shit-off-you-rubbish-bastard-570239418

I may get it on a mug.

Tsu - social network

Tsū (it’s pronounced ‘Sue’) – rethinking social media

The link to join Tsū is http://www.tsu.co/thebobbu

On Tsū’s FAQ’s they describe themselves as “a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users.” It’s such a small statement, but it is such a revolutionary business model that it could well revolutionise how social media networks work. Facebook is so scared of it that you can’t even link to it from their platform.

I’ve only been on board now for a few days, and I only have 4 friends on there, but I have made $0.053. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But that’s with only 4 friends, hardly posting at all. For the people out there with thousands of friends and a really active network, those fractions of a cent are really building up. They have a very cool method of paying those involved in the creation of the content shared on their network, and they’ve even created a lovely infographic to explain it:

Shared Ecnomics on Tsū

You can even send funds to your friends, use it to pay for your own advertising on the site, and once you hit $100 you can take it out and spend it.

The site and apps have beautifully designed user interfaces and all the features you would expect from a social network; sharing photos, gifs, text and links; messaging; friends and followers; groups; discovery and news feeds. I have tried a lot of social networks that have recently tried to usurp the big F – the doomed Google+, slow to develop Ello, and even the mostly activist-inhabited Minds. Nothing has caught my attention like Tsū, with its simple yet well-polished set of features (you can even edit your uploaded photos via the cloud-based Aviary editor built into the site and app), and world-changing premise of paying its users for making them money.

The idea of paying your users changes the relationship with the platform tremendously. Suddenly what we do and who we are have real value attributed to them, and the value of original content really strikes home – because Tsū won’t pay you for sharing content which is not your own. Sites that make all their money re-sharing content (and all-out stealing other people’s content) like Buzzfeed and Viral[insert random word here] will have no home there. Not only is Tsū valuing our input, it is encouraging that input to be original and creative. In my book, that can only be a good thing.

Sure, you have to put up with ads – even the odd interstitial advert that takes over your whole screen on mobiles – but when you are being paid for them they are suddenly a much less intrusive experience.

If you want to try it out for yourself, please feel free to use my join link at http://www.tsu.co/thebobbu

Say hello! Lets see if this really is the beginning of a new era of the web where we stop being just a product to be sold, and all become freelance content creators who get paid for their time.

Spider Jerusalem

Spider Jerusalem

I decided a needed a new, more motivational wallpaper. So I took a picture of dear old Spider Jerusalem, cleaned it up, recoloured it and slapped it on my desktop. Thought I would share it with all you folks, too.

Spider is from Transmetropolitan; Written by Warren Ellis, Art by Darick Robertson, published by DC. All copyright belongs to the appropriate parties.