"Physicists don't go terrorizing other physicists because they have competing theories. They have an objective tool to settle their disputes--the scientific method. Religion also has a tool to deal with competing ideas--violence." Aelous @GodWorksOut

I am hearing so many people arguing on one side or the other of the “religion is bad” argument at the moment, whether directed towards solely Islam, or towards religion in general, after the Charlie Hebdo murders by fundamentalists. Specifically, I saw an enormous argument blow up over the image above. So I thought it best that I plant my flag.

It is my belief that the major reason why atheists and sceptics such as myself and others who consider religious people to tend more towards violence as a solution to disagreement is due to the inherently irrational nature of religious belief itself. The sceptic is unlikely to kill in the name of their beliefs regarding higher beings, or the lack thereof; because the sceptic generally understands them as merely ideas, rather than key elements of their self-identity. read more…


This is Oscar. He takes his new job of protecting Miss Bebb very seriously. He hides deadly poisons in his hat, which he applies to his hat pin to fend off monsters and villains.

And he does it all with style. Being a highly trained defender of beautiful maids is no excuse for dressing shabbily.

look closer...

Update 18.08 GMT – My web hosting company, the splendid Site5, agreed that the DMCA notice was not valid. No action will be taken. I consider that a small victory for sense in the world. I have told Straight Pride UK to cease their communication with me by email, and if they wish to challenge me in a public forum I have provided them with all my social media accounts. If they have the guts to behave like adults, then I will be happy to engage them.

Anyone interested in seeing the entire email string between myself and Straight Pride UK? Publication of it in the purposes of reporting the news is fair use, under both UK and international law.

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From http://www.venusbuzz.com/archives/39630/the-manic-pixie-dream-girl-how-i-failed-why-its-ok/

Once upon a time, I was a young man in his prime who spent his time constantly on the look-out for beautiful, interesting people to befriend, date, and generally have as part of my life. Not much has changed from then, really: I am still a young man (though arguable passing the point where youth is one of my primary features), I still argue that I am in my prime despite my limpiness, and I am still always exploring the world in the hope that more wonderful people will appear.

What has changed a lot is the sort of person I consider to be worth expending my time and energy getting to know.
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